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STS's synergies create added value for our customers

The target today, for our customers and for us, is to innovate in order to remain competitive. There is no longer space on the market for a sometimes large but commonplace portfolio of products and test beds: What our customers need now are software and testing solutions which help them to improve their testing processes.

What is unique at STS:

Test center design by testing experts

  • we run seven test centers around the world and more than 180 test beds on a daily basis
  • based on this expertise, our test center solutions provide unmatched efficiency

A model-based collaborative framework to boost the development process

  • a unique software environment for the complete validation of the powertrain. From desktop to road, engineers from different areas can easily share their knowledge to prepare a common solution.
  • STS expertise inside this environment: Calibration and testing methodologies validated in STS technical centers are offered to our customers, processed by this software environment.


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