A complete range for measurements acquisition at the test bed

Modules Inputs Outputs

Robust, fully-integrated acquisition system helps to ensure an excellent test bed rotation rate. The STS solution, known as MIO, features high-performance, autonomous, and reliable acquisition modules. The range meets the core needs of an engine test bed: Both analog and digital inputs and outputs, thermocouples, resistors, and pressure.

With the STS solution, each acquisition module is seen as an independent slave on the communication bus, and MORPHEE is the master. As a result, the module is diagnosed and processed independently during maintenance: There is no need to reconfigure the entire system; acquisition and control performance are optimized thanks to the use of the EtherCAT communication standard. EtherCAT (Ethernet for Control and Automation Technology) is an Ethernet solution for industrial automation offering exceptional performance while being very easy to use. The master bus requires no additional extension board, and can be easily implemented on any Ethernet adapter. EtherCAT is especially well-suited to control-command systems that use remote I/O, such as engine test beds.


  • MIO modules smoothly integrated into MORPHEE: no compatibility issues
  • Only one supplier, only one supplier responsible
  • Easy maintenance: The UUT can go on running , while a module is replaced
  • Compact boom box: average decrease can be - 30%
  • Perfect solution for mobile trolleys: Compact, easy to wire, easy to modify
  • Usable for in-vehicle applications: Glove box…
  • Easy to modify, by adding or shifting channels
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Test bed and UUT secured: on each channel, automatic activation of digital outputs
  • EtherCAT communication standard