AirRate DN200

Air mass flow measuring system able to operate in altitude simulation

STS has developed the AirRate that meets all current demands concerning a state of the art measuring system for combustion air mass flow. The measuring principles of the AirRate are based on contactless measurement of gas velocity, pressure, temperature and humidity and provide the actual combustion air mass flow in kg/h.

The ultrasonic gas flow meter with four measuring paths enables a high accuracy air mass flow metering over the whole measuring range. The very fast response time of the system assures reproducible test results, even during high dynamic engine test cycles. The low-pressure drop of the system does not influence the engine behavior.

The newly developed AirRate DN200 enlarges the AirRate measuring range up to 5000 kg/h and thus makes STS AirRate suitable for large heavy duty and off road engines.

The new design combines a compact size with low weight that makes installation easy. Due to the integrated flow rectifier, the STS-AirRate can also be mounted directly behind a pipe bend without increasing the steadying length.