Base frame

Base frame for Engine and dynamometer

To ensure stable long-term test operation and reduce wear resulting from the vibration of the combustion engine, both the combustion engine and load unit (EC or AC dyno) have to be mounted on a single, isolated test bed.

STS has developed the STS BaseFrame, a modern solution on which both the engine and the dynamometer can be mounted. This unit in its standard edition is based on eight dampers which are designed for all combinations of engine and dynamometer to minimize vibration.

The STS BaseFrame is made of welded metal profiles. The equipment is mounted in line on two stainless steel guide slots on which all components can be moved and adjusted. Thus all parts of the unit “engine - drive shaft - dynamometer” are positioned towards each other without relative motion.


  • Easy adjustment for engine and dyno
  • Easy transportation of the complete unit
  • Environment friendly through integrated drip pan
  • No maintenance necessary
  • Excellent price-performance ratio