Fuel Conditioning and Rating System

In the race to reduce CO2 emissions, the optimization of fuel conditions and the precise measurement of fuel during engine development are becoming increasingly important. Moreover, modern engines must be designed to save resources by reducing fuel consumption significantly.

To meet these ever increasing challenges, STS has significantly improved the well established fuel-conditioning and consumption measurement system, FuelCon and FuelRate, by simplifying the overall design and modularizing the entire system. Design simplification and modularity make the new systems highly scalable and a safe investment.

The STS FuelRate has numerous benefits only a modern device can offer: high accuracy, excellent reproducibility, robustness, high resolution... The FuelRate can be used for stationary and dynamic testing.


FUELCON Benefits

  • Excellent fuel temperature control
  • Fuel circuit free of non-ferrous metal
  • Easy to maintain, lean layout
  • Excellent price - performance ratio



  • Dynamic mass flow measurement
  • High accuracy - excellent repeatability
  • Broad range of applications (gasoline, diesel, alcohols)
  • All fuel conducting components are free of non-ferrous metals
  • Easy calibration of the measuring chain
  • Low maintenance
  • Excellent price performance ratio