Dynamic Air Conditioning System

Combustion air conditions have a significant influence on the performance of an internal combustion engine. For certain applications, e.g. for race engines, combustion air conditions can change very fast, depending on the different driven speeds. For reproducible testing and calibration of these engines under “real world” conditions a steady state controlling of the combustion air parameters is not sufficient. In this case a very fast control of the combustion air conditions is necessary.

To meet these dynamic requirements FEV has made a further development of the STS AirCon. The STS RaceCon improves the velocity of parameter control significantly. The control and regulation of the system is performed by an on-board controller mounted in the control cabinet.


  • Dynamic control of temperature, pressure and humidity
  • Wheel base enables flexible adaptation for different test cells
  • Simple operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Wide range of application