Frequency Module

Frequency Module speed/torque powertrain measurement and monitoring tool

The MIO F01 module is a standalone device providing four frequency inputs for conditioning of torque, speed, position, and frequency measurements.  It provides advanced conditioning functions of target signals, such as torsion measurements and crank angle signals management (resolution increase, missing teeth filling etc…

The results of the inputs treatment can be distributed to an EtherCAT network, 4 analog outputs and 8 digital outputs.


  • Combine in one device all frequency measurements needed at test cell
  • Torque and speed measurements conditioning for control loop at test cell
  • Safeties management upon thresholds overshoots (over-speed, torque, etc…)
  • Allows a torsion analysis of the whole shaft line at test cell (from dynamometer to engine),  gear boxes analysis, clutch analysis, acyclism measurement
  • Standalone or integrated into an EtherCAT network
  • Provides engine synchronization signals to combustion analysis systems (CDM and TRIG)