End of line test cells with

Manual Docking System

End of line test cell with Manual Docking System

Highly flexible test cells with multiple variants of engines accommodated in same test cell. This type of cells are suitable where long duration test cells are required to be run as the rigging time is comparatively more than the other two types due to manual media & shaft connections.

Benefits of STS end of line test cells:

  • High reliability of test facility (upto 98 % up-time)
  • High flexibility in test objects (more than 10 engines variants can be tested in the same test cell)
  • Short cycle times for low investments (Rigging time inside test cell can be as low as 60 sec)
  • Reliable results
  • Modular designs enable fast & easy extension to support growing production figures.
  • Components selected are proven in hundreds of applications worldwide.
  • Design expertise based on in-house testing & development activities.
  • Global after sales & service networks for quick support.