Engine test beds forHeavy duty and passenger cars

Heavy duty engine testing

STS develop Engine test bench

Modern test cells often need to perform highly complex test methodologies, while keeping high efficiency goals.

As a powertrain engineering provider, STS masters the powertrain methodologies.

STS test bed solutions, initially designed to meet the company’s own needs, offers unique capacities for running complex tests, with a high level of efficiency.

Due to the modular design, these solutions are flexible, from turnkey test cells to easy refurbishment of existing test cells.

Engine test bench for passenger cars

Engine test bench for passenger cars maximum operational time

The engine test beds for passenger cars cover a wide range of situations: From the single test bed of an independent research center to numerous test beds working together in an OEM test center. Several standard solutions have been designed to cover normal requests, while in the same time the expertise acquired in our test centers enables us to meet more specific needs.


  • All types: Durability, calibration, R&D...
  • Generic testing
  • Easy interface with all majot tests equipment
  • Easy application of models
  • Compliant with ASAM-MCD3 standards

 Benefits of engine test bed for passenger cars

  • Time savings: Generic tests
  • Productivity: Chaining of tests
  • Modular and flexible
  • Dynamic (dynamometers) and high performance (1 to 5 kHz, more on request)

Heavy duty engine testing

Full packaged solutions for new standards

The market for heavy-duty test beds is changing fast. The market is experiencing globalization and the environmental goals are becoming increasingly ambitious.
For test centers, this means:

  • A greater diversity of standards that increase the number of test types to be performed and their complexity: Euro 6-7, US transient, JE05, WHTC and more.
  • Increased demands on productivity, test bed rotation and operational maintenance.

Our heavy duty test bed solutions are based on a three-pronged approach:

  • Open and packaged test bed automation system
  • Reliable and efficient test bed equipment
  • Utilities of the test bed, designed by STS as modules

Benefits of our heavy duty test bench solutions

  • Operational: Maximum operating time of the test cell due to reliability of the solutions and no engine stop during modifications.
  • Proven: More than 1200 test beds installed with automation systems. More than 600 complete test beds installed: automation, dynamometers, commissioning, etc..
  • Packaged: On-road and off-road applications that are fully automated for the world, European, North-American and Japanese regulations.
  • Expert: Experienced test bed engineers. An expertise in the field of shaft line and bearings calculations.
  • Dynamic: A line of highly dynamic and reliable asynchronous machines for passenger cars and heavy-duty engines.
  • Modular: A modular design of utilities (ventilation, exhaust extraction, fluids...)
  • Simulation friendly: Very easy application of models on the engine test bed

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