FLEX™ is extendable not only by a large number of basic modules, but also by our Benchmarking solution, which is available as standalone edition, as well.

Get insight into your data

Our software searches all available data to find precisely the data you want. Flat tables and individual views allow quick comparisons within all types of data, whether registered automatically or manually. Compare your performance continuously and get a unique overview.

Stop wasting time by looking for data and compiling it manually.
Less clicks, less time—and thus more focus on your actual tasks.

Comparing your data will be more efficient and faster than ever before.

Cause and effect–linked efficiently

A unique benefit of FLEX™ is the availability of each and every single piece of data—even data from different areas of development. Engineering and measurement data can easily be combined and compared. You will be able to see the influence of even the most minor technical modifications on a product’s performance within only a few seconds.

Compare to your competitors

FEV has been performing extensive benchmarking for more than 20 years. Based on our own examinations of engines, powertrains and vehicles, as well as market information included from purchasing and importing marked data, our benchmarking catalogue covers an enormous amount of records and numbers.

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