Fast data acquisition system for electrical applications

OSIRIS Powermeter

Fast data acquisition system for electrical applications

OSIRIS™ POWERMETER complements the existing version of OSIRIS™ fast data acquisition system with regard to analyzing signals for electrical applications.  

OSIRIS™ POWERMETER has all the classic functions of a wattmeter and is compatible with all types of application: e-motor, e-axle, inverter and battery. It performs in real time the usual power measurement calculations used to evaluate the performances at output of converters, and electric motors, such as active power, apparent power, reactive power and the power factor. 

Measurement accuracy & high dynamic range

How to measure electrical signals as different as those of a small electric motor, a start and stop or a BEV, MHEV, PHEV? With the OSIRIS™ system, thanks to an ingenious system of adapted probes, you maintain a high level of accuracy whatever the scale of measurement: 48 V or 1200 V / 1200A.

In addition, how to have high dynamic measurements in real time? A vehicle keeps accelerating and slowing down. As OSIRIS™ POWERMETER uses the same real-time technology and measures at each cycle as for combustion engines, it originally has this functionality also necessary for electric motor vehicles. Signal processing makes it possible to work on the frequency of the electrical signal and not on a fixed period of time, and thus to perform calculations on the transient operation of the motor.

Adapted to large test centre needs

OSIRIS™ allows you to optimize your equipment fleet according to your needs. Each 8-channel module can be easily coupled to another, in case you need more channels. Its size of 19” x 1U makes it a compact device that can be used both on the bench and in the vehicle. It is valid for hybrid, electrical and combustion applications because it is the same acquisition device for measuring electrical and pressure signals.

No electromagnetic interference

The measurement is taken on the test bench but the information arrives by USB3 link in the control unit directly via MORPHEE®, the real-time automation system developed by FEV, at the same time as the output engine speed and torque calculations for the electric motor (e-motor) or transmission (e-axle). The output calculation is thus performed without any intermediary in the automation software.
OSIRIS™ software is also capable of communicating with all automation systems in the world.


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