FEVER: Emission measurement system for diluted and undiluted exhaust


The entire system is designed for easy maintenance (all system components are accessible from the front) and great attention has been paid to maximum flexibility when preparing the unit for its specific application.
The optimized gas flow provides the fastest response times for dynamic measurements.

Furthermore, a ventilation system ensures that the analyzers are not subjected to any undue fluctuations in temperature. This guarantees highly accurate measurements and reproducible results.

FEVER’s fully modular design makes it easily adaptable to all measurement tasks in the fields of engine development, certification and quality assurance.


  • Upgradable any time from 1 raw emission line:2 lines raw, 2x EGR line, NO2 line, FTIR, … 6 lines in total are possible
  • Graphical probe setup with configurable number of measurement positions
  • User defined error management
  • Easy connections and access to all devices from the cabinet’s front side
  • Continuous check of the sensitivity of the analytics
  • Software operated via touchscreen, no keyboard or mouse needed
  • Access via Ethernet
  • No expert level needed
  • FEVER cabinet satisfies the requirements of EU VI and EPA CFR 1065
  • Automatically generated PDF reports for all needed quality tests

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