Test Cycles


Certification Cycles

When testing engines for emissions, you need a reliable tool for analysis. This means measured emission gases must be compared to the corresponding emission requirements. FEVALYS is able to generate reports containing your actual data combined with regulatory limits. Mandatory certification data are included and listed automatically. Measurement value errors are reported and fixed according to legislative framework. Calculations are processed as requested by law, including dead-time corrections from ignition to emission and regression analysis and alignment.

Test Validity Criteria

The cycle course is performed according to laws, regulations and applied legislative validation rules. That is why these in-house proven emission cycle reports have frequently been the basis for TÜV-certifications. FEVALYS ensures that your test bench measurements have been performed properly, your measurement data are corrected accurately, and that calculations are executed validly.

Real Driving Emissions

According to new EU-legislation, by 2017, all new cars have to be tested under real life conditions. All RDE requirements have been considered so that FEVALYS will be your future-proof partner!

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