FEVFLEX is a solution based on modules allowing you full flexibility when creating your very own product. Simply choose the modules you need and create a unique solution for your business purposes.


Base Module

This module consists of the Host base software and database, including modules and an interface for the event-based logging of test bench activities. Automatic and manual entries are combined in one database. Thus, manual documentation is reduced to a minimum. It is possible to visualize results graphically and to create statistical reports.

Work Order & Tasks Module

Choose this module if you want to manage work orders and tasks easily. Assign instructions and responsibilities to work stations or human resources and improve your business processes.

Resources Module

Manage all kinds of test field devices in order to plan and administrate maintenance activities.

Media Module

This module offers management concerning the disposition of test object components (e.g. fuel, oil, coolant, etc.).

Test Object Management
Measurement Data Management

Product & Parts Module

This module is necessary to manage all objects including metainformation.

Planning Module

Optimize the planning of all activities within the test field.

Test Results Module

Choose this module if you want to have full control of all your measurement data.


FEVMOVE is an importer for all types of test bench information, such as events, logs, or measurement data, guaranteeing safe data transfer.

Reporting Module

Use FEVALYS to analyze your data thoroughly and to create quick and easy reports. Manual or individual templates help you to visualize your results graphically and to analyze your data efficiently.

Benchmarking Module

Compare your data easily by having it all in one place using automatically-generated data, individual entries and predefined templates.

If you would like further information about our modules, take a look at our FEVFLEX brochure or contact us.

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