FEVFLEX is a solution based on modules allowing you full flexibility when creating your very own product. Simply choose the modules you need and create a unique solution for your business purposes.


Logbook Module

The module provides an overview of the entire test field. The test benches can be monitored and controlled with regard to occupancy and status. All automation processes are automatically logged and visualized for each test bench. In addition, entries can be made and edited manually. This enables all automatic and manual data on a test bench to be obtained at a glance.

Work Order Module

This module will considerably simplify the process of your test orders. Control order-relevant settings before the test configuration begins and optimize your process. Essentially, this module performs the basic work for the configuration of an automation system. Thus, certain scenarios can be planned exactly, so that corresponding reaction times are shorter and dead times are reduced to a minimum. Managing the overall job with this module provides more clarity, tremendous time savings, and increased efficiency.

Resources Module

With FEVFLEX's Resource Module, all types of test field devices can be managed. Staff activities, device usage and other resources can be administrated and assigned. Furthermore, the planning and maintenance activities of the devices as well as all resource-related topics (keyword 8D Reporting) can be managed. In conjunction with the Planning Module, devices can be assigned to specific orders and thus test benches or other workplaces. A workload overview helps to identify resource bottlenecks.

Test Object Management
Measurement Data Management

Product & Parts Module

The Product & Parts module allows for a complete description of the test objects including the test history. The extension to maintenance planning allows the creation of individual maintenance plans for test objects. Users can be informed about upcoming maintenance by means of an e-mail system (a connection to the customer e-mail server must be established). The upcoming maintenance work can be visualized informatively. A complete parts history can be created and the condition of the test object can be called up for each attempt. Part tracking, also, is integrated: the user can view the current location of the entire test object or of an individual component at any time.

Planning Module

Resource types, such as test bench, device, workshop, workplace etc. can be created independently. Whole projects, dispositions or individual tasks can be created and assigned to the resources. The planning overview allows all assigned points such as test items, mobile devices and employees/staff for one or more orders to have an overview of the planning progress. FEVFLEX supports the planner with the help of guides to make the right choice quickly and efficiently. The user is supported in his decision by displaying conflicts and collisions as well as bottlenecks and a matching by filter possibilities of characteristics.

Test Results Module

With the Test Result Module, measurement data from one or more test fields can be compared quickly and effectively. The parametrization of data ensures the fastest possible information gain from the relevant information: from a huge amount of data, target data can be filtered within seconds. For instance, data, which have concrete measurement sizes or which, under certain conditions, have violated limits or just data that include critical errors. The right data is used at the right time to show connections and derive corresponding decisions directly.

Reporting Module

Within the FEVFLEX - Host Fevalys Reporting Module it is possible to generate and change evaluations directly on the server. These evaluations can be organized on an individual entry for specific analyses or standardized for periodic reports. The use of templates allows easy access for individual analysis and highly automated reports.

Stateflow Module

The FEVFLEX Stateflow module enables the creation and management of workflows to control the organization and processes in a test field. Thus, the complete process of an order from the creation to the final execution of the order on a test bench can be controlled and reconstructed in detail by status changes.

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