Data Management and Analysis

ModularizedTest Management Software


Task Management – Efficient Test Run Preparation

The success of a test run depends on the right planning. Test configuration is responsible for smooth procedures. And so are the planning steps right before configuration. With the FEVFLEX Module for work order and tasks it is now possible to define comprehensive parameters even before the actual configuration sets in.

Detailed Task Description

FEVFLEX allows for an open and simple composition of test procedures. The necessary work steps can individually be named and modified. They can be adjusted at any time. Furthermore, tasks can be assigned to each work step in order to develop a complex test run structure administering all significant information.

Task Status at a Glance

All tasks and their corresponding assignments, resources and information are accessible at any time – for each department! Considering individual reading and writing permissions, authorized employees can get exactly the data they need. Example: An employee with responsibilities for engine preparation will find his data as quickly and easily as a colleague from the testing or purchasing team. All data within one pool of knowledge: Less costs for coordination, more efficient processes.

Assignment to Project AND Product

Clear interface designs and attachment functions help to manage complex orders. The order status is visible at an instant: Who is responsible for the next “to dos”? Which department is responsible for the next steps? What task has got a high priority? By linking information FEVFLEX offers the possibility to arrange orders corresponding to project OR product.

Simplicity: Implemented Logically

The potential connection to superior systems enables the exchange of project data beyond FEVFLEX. Like that, orders can be forwarded to externally involved people. Even after finishing an order, the used data may stay “alive”: Previous orders can be recalled and edited. Immense time savings will be your reward when entering and assigning data.


  • Detailed and well-structured order descriptions
  • Definition of name channels, translation of name spaces and units
  • Assignments of responsibilities to workstations, departments or persons
  • Export and print 
  • Connectable to superior systems