Data Management and Analysis

ModularizedTest Management Software


Automated fuel reports with integrated error analysis

There is more to test field management than handling information from status reports, operation times and test bench parameters efficiently. When other data management systems do not provide you with sufficient applicability, FEVFLEX just starts running.

Direct Project and Cost Assignment

FEVFLEX is a solution you can use to trace the consumption of a particular test bench, but also of a specific test object along with the corresponding costumer. Storable data will indicate the time period and project. The list can be exported and consumption results can be enclosed when invoicing clients. Meter readings are obtained automatically, so that manual readings and compilations are unnecessary. Misreadings and false allocations are no longer possible, resulting in huge savings in time and costs. All fuel values are shown in mass and volume, so that manual conversion steps and potential error sources do not apply.

Plausibility Check of Measurement Data

FEVFLEX contains a repair tool that validates requested data and checks them for errors. This means only proven and verified measurement data will be the source of further calculations, reports and decision. When identified, errors are displayed in order to be tracked and fixed. Defective sensors, false zero positioning or measurement errors can be identified right away. Error causes can be repaired more quickly and disruptive flows minimized.

Automated error correction

In order to optimize even greater amounts of time, it is possibile to automate error correction directly. The integrated, rule-based plausibility check of measurement data within FEVFLEX fixes detected errors automatically and then sends a repair notification to the user.Consumption flows can easily be reviewed. Direct data zoom functions as well as trend analysis offer additional depth of evaluation. All data are available at a glance, clearly structured and dynamically accessible.


  • Fuel allocation to corresponding project in only 2 clicks
  • Error-free data sources
  • Minimization of manual errors
  • Automated error detection and error correction
  • Time savings due to error analysis and cause detection