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Linked Data Management

Efficient test data handling is absolutely essential to achieving shorter development cycles and high-quality end products.

Data Workflow

In addition to the challenge of maximizing test time and getting the most out of prototypes, the management of information is a central factor affecting productivity. Linking this information with products and employees makes the process more efficient. Here the only thing necessary is a tool that can connect all tasks, fields and results. As such, FEV offers the FEVFLEX Information Management System. FEVFLEX covers the complete information and data management process: from planning and task management via measurement data management and documentation, through to analysis and reporting. Easy to use and cost-efficient, it can be embedded in existing processes and toolchains. This central information management system is connectable to any database and automation system. The integrated FEVMOVE technology enables automated processing with safe transfer of any kind of data.

The server-based solution has 10 integrated modules for maximum flexibility and requires limited storage space .

Operating Concept

What makes FEVFLEX unique on the market is its ability to administer test data as well as information concerning devices, tasks and projects. The resulting information is linked and easily accessible to all employees. There is, however, the option to limit access rights and grant admission at various levels to defined user groups. The FEVFLEX solution is based on an easy-to-use concept: within only 15 minutes, the user is given an overview and access to 90% of the main program functions. Full text search, for example, is a feature that offers quick results in an instant. The whole database content can be searched with any keyword or reference ID. Bookmarking and individually combinable tables give the best view and insight into data. Drop-down lists, drag-and-drop and auto-complete functions save time and maintain the user’s focus on the task in hand. The table edit mode is another specially developed feature: an Excel-like function that considerably speeds up individual entries. FEVFLEX can be compared with the heart of a technical development center that manages all data from simulation through to validation. Connectable to any automation system, it offers useful features such as test procedure preparation, test cell configuration and online monitoring.

Users can easily compile and compare sets of results. The Benchmarking edition contains FEV test bench data, as well as purchased and imported market data.

Flexible Modules

Consisting of 12 modules that can be combined and implemented according to the user’s needs, FEVFLEX covers the whole testing process. From planning and configuration to analysis and reporting of test results and test data, the whole test process is scheduled, realized and monitored via one tool. Furthermore, the allocation of test benches, media and all kinds of resources, including machinery and personnel, is easy to achieve. When taking a deeper look at the module for work order and tasks, for example, the difference between simple test configuration and the actual definition of comprehensive parameters becomes vivid. The planning undertaken just before configuration enables a smoother test process. FEVFLEX enables simple, open composition of test processes. The necessary work steps can be individually named and modified, and can be adjusted at any time. Furthermore, tasks can be assigned to each work step to develop a complex test run structure providing all important information. Clear interface designs and attachment functions help to manage complex orders. The order status is visible in an instant. This includes who is responsible for the next task, which department is responsible for the next steps, and which tasks are high priority. By linking information, FEVFLEX offers the possibility to arrange orders corresponding to project or product. Potential connection to other systems enables the exchange of project data beyond FEVFLEX. Thus, orders can be forwarded to external people who are involved in the project. Even after an order is complete, the used data may stay ‘alive’: previous orders can be recalled and edited. This results in huge time savings when entering and assigning data. Time can also be saved with the FEVALYS integrated analysis and reporting module. Data evaluation, including figures and graphics, go hand in hand with numerous visualization and reporting features for test data and specific test cycle reports. Other highlights include the configurable workflows that can be designed without programming skills. Listed formulas can be amended, sequence orders can be set and output formats can be defined. All background information is set and stored for quick, customized reporting of results.

Quality Assurance

To ensure problem-free testing, FEVFLEX is equipped with a fast and sustainable failure-detection system, the 8D reporting tool, which prevents critical errors that could potentially cause issues in the testing process. In the event of a critical error, a notification is immediately sent to the responsible group and within the 8D reporting function. This integrated messaging program with its attachment function ensures that pertinent information is rapidly linked to the relevant people. This means that data can be linked, exchanged and processed within only one program. The ability to link related information enables an immediate overview of initial and current positions. All data is structured and up to date, and available to the relevant people. FEVFLEX’s integrated access management concept constantly regulates access rights and information levels for all users and also determines, for example, which employees can see which data, as well as who is allowed to open and edit new entries. The statistics function reveals interdependencies that would not have been apparent without retrospective data access. Non-productive working time is reduced to an absolute minimum, and time taken to complete administrative tasks can be noticeably reduced by using FEVFLEX.

Also published in Automotive Testing International in June 2018.