Data Management and Analysis

ModularizedTest Management Software


Quick Reporting – First Results during Measurements

Composing individual reports demands a lot of time and resources. What operators actually need is the possibility to use preconfigured templates as soon as the test run is finished. But this is not enough. Live reports and live visualisations while the tests are still being performed – that is what FEVFLEX stands for: Live results.

No more Loss of Time

FEVFLEX allows for an instant and clear look on currently measured data. This means enormous time savings especially for tests that are running several days: The operator does not have to wait until the whole data stream is complete to generate a report. FEVFLEX offers the possibility of immediate results that provide a quick view and first conclusions based on live data.
These data can be seen online and they can already be used for comparisons with other data. By that, the first automatically generated reports can be done.

High Performance Comparison

First simplified visualisations allow for the operator to judge if the test is running properly. Instantly generated reports will show if the test is a success and if the test data are significant. The possibility to change certain parameters and to detect errors is given permanently due to this live data evaluation. Only a few clicks are necessary to get a first glance, based on performance and information.

Representative Comparison

These simple reports are a nice way to receive first reliant information. For information to be passed on to different operators, management levels or even customers, another presentation mode is mandatory. The integrated reporting module FEVALYS allows for representative reports as well. Different templates, existing or customized, can be re-designed and used to pass on precisely the kind of information that is interesting for the recipient. The content and layout of the data, which are included in the corresponding report, can be amended to the reader’s needs and point of interest. No programming skills are needed. Once the template has been chosen, the data file loaded and the reporting-button pushed, a tailor-made report will appear -fully automatically.


  • Initial glance at data during live-measurement
  • Comparisons between live data and other data
  • Quick report or representative report
  • Customized report layouts according to recipient
  • Individual reports without programming skills
  • Preconfigured, yet editable templates 
  • Report formats: PowerPoint or PDF