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The challenge of shortened development cycles causes a fast increasing demand to powerful but also intuitive simulation software. FEV’s decades of experience in powertrain dynamics simulation and multi-model simulation software have been incorporated into an unique collaborative framework meeting engineers needs.

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High qualitiy simulation - rapid low-cost powertrain development

Virtual Dynamics is an advanced simulation software for dynamic analysis of powertrain, driveline and their components. It is a suite of products composed of Virtual Engine and Virtual Gearbox together providing all building blocks needed to create dynamic models of engine, transmission, conventional and hybrid-electric drivelines. 

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Powertrain Simulation Software

Multi-Model Simulation in one integrative environment

The xMOD application software facilitates the integration of heterogenous models and co-simulation between several simulation tools. The integration process does not require tools. The platform can be used throughout the whole development process. While in the initial development phases, it enables collaborative work between professionals; in the subsequent physical powertrain and ECU validation phases, it facilitates the use of models on the test bed which were developed during the design phase without any loss in quality.

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