A perfect monitoring test cell operation tool to have an overview of a test center

YIELD METRICS tracks and regroups all kind of information required for analyzing the efficiency of the test center operation: test cell down time, test cell running time, causes of test cell stops, …

It provides some interfaces for the different users to input useful data (operators, engineers, supervisor, facility support) for understanding the resource utilization. It also includes a notification system to different peoples who run the test cells: assistance request, …


  • Adaptable to customer specific needs
  • Possible integration within the customer database system
  • Flexible data extraction to assist querying and analysis
  • An evolutive solution which grows with your test facility, from a few test cells to a few hundred cells.
  • System fully compatible and integrated within other software products (TestManager, TMS, MORPHEE…)
  • Easy integration based on web applications


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