Expert calibration toolsfrom FEV knowledge

Automotive calibration tools

Expert Calibration tools from FEV knowledge

automotive calibration tools

To meet the new regulations, and in particular the RDE (Real Driving Emissions) legislation, methodologies must change very rapidly: The use of modeling by experimental design and the generalized use of simulation are key elements. FEV has developed a series of methodologies which are incorporated into its software. A dual objective: To facilitate the task of the calibration engineer and to re-use these tests to simulate alternative cycles – and all within the framework of an increasingly multi-disciplinary and complex customer organization.

Limiting investment in new test resources initially means saving test bed time and, in particular, the time required for numerous iterations between the preparation for the tests in the design office and their implementation on the test bed.

The FEV solution is based on three pieces of software: xCAL-GP the design of experiment calibration software with the initial role of calculating test plans, generating models and optimize calibration maps, MORPHEE, the automation system which also incorporates online calibration functions referred to as MORPHEE Model-Based Calibration, and TOPEXPERT, the innovative solution for model-based calibration with a unique workflow-based user guidance.

It should be noted that to be used on the test bench, this process requires only one office PC operating only a single software package, MORPHEE, thereby avoiding the usual communication problems and further reducing costs.

By using  FEV methodologies and software, the completion of a full optimisation process can be reduced from three days to four hours and the project timeline can been compressed up to 70%.

Benefits of our automotive calibration tools

  • The best of model based calibration for a standalone, easy-to use, powerful and flexible usage
  • Unique features available, such as multi-cycle and tail-pipe emissions optimization
  • Flexible, simple, and independent solution: >> create your desired procedure and controllers
  • MORPHEE is still the only master of the test
  • Only one PC is running the test bed >> cost effective, extremely fast set-up, and best possible real time solution
  • Online DOE, modeling and optimization features directly in MORPHEE
  • Runs on any AuSy, Open to Matlab/Simulink, Excel, and run extremely fast in xMOD

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