Automated test system


automated test system

For more than 30 years, MORPHEE has been an established international reference for real-time test system automation under Windows. Being reliable, powerful, open and scalable, MORPHEE controls the test cells as safely as it can be.

Whatever kind of test facility, MORPHEE adapts to the customer working methods and provides the customer with the latest technology in order to reduce the development time. What makes MORPHEE unique, compared to other systems, is its ability to perform test system automation tasks, ECU calibration and real-time simulation in one single environment and PC

Where different software is often used on test cells, MORPHEE adapts to any type of UUT (Unit Under Test): ECU (HIL test bed), component, engine, powertrain, vehicle, etc. Due to its versatility, it is currently used in a number of different markets, including the automotive, aerospace, marine and energy sectors.

Benefits of automated test systems

  • Real-time test system automation up to 10 kHZ; Typical 2kHz
  • Reliability: A system proven on more than 2,750 test beds
  • Use of the four processors of the PC, with selective allocation of the tasks
  • Regular software updates based on the latest IT standards
  • A solution that draws from developments in IT Backward compatibility for your tests
  • Openness and flexibility for integration with any type of interface, equipment, etc.
  • Object-oriented structure (for managing measurement equipment)
  • Unlimited number of measuring/calculated channels, allowing tests to evolve
  • Real-time performance on test bed model using simulation tools
  • Use your own models
  • HIL (Hardware In the Loop) tests
  • Libraries of standardized tests with emission calculations
  • Fast access to the ECU to reduce calibration time on the bench

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