ACPM Charge Amplifier

A solution for instantaneous and maximum cylinder pressure measurements

The ACPM is a Piezoelectric Multichannels Charge Amplifier. It makes it possible to condition up to 4 cylinder pressure sensors, while offering monitoring capabilities (Pmax and speed). Simple and user-friendly, the ACPM is compatible with all combustion analysis systems and more especially tailored for OSIRIS and FEVIS.


  • Simple integration with OSIRIS Combustion analysis system (reduced time of implementation, only one cable for all signals)
  • Compatible with all piezoelectric pressure sensors
  • Standalone for Pmax and engine speed monitoring(relay outputs)
  • Direct visualization of user interface,on-line visualization and monitoring of:   Instantaneous or maximum pressure,  Engine speed
  • Front face reset button
  • Built-in calibration function
  • Flexible and powerful: ability to take into account the intake pressure via an input signal or a constant
  • required for Pmax analysis


  • Condition in-cylinder signals for combustion analysis: Test bed and In-vehicle
  • Provide Pmax analysis for preventive maintenance(on-board, industrial engines...)