Hydrogen flow measuring and pressure control device

STS Solution for hydrogen flow measuring

The H2Rate device is designed for continuously measuring the hydrogen flow and controlling the input pressure at the device under test.

It shows a typical housing of our wall-mounted measurement flow device. Connectors and interfaces can be either placed on the bottom or on the left side of the frame.

The electrical cabinet will be installed on the side of the device.

The H2Rate is supplied by hydrogen coming from the facility. To ensure 60 bar(a) at the outlet it is necessary to supply hydrogen with a minimum pressure of 80 bar(a) to balance pressure losses in the different components. At the entry of the device, safety reasons request an emergency stop valve that cuts the hydrogen flow in case of an emergency. The hydrogen’s pressure and flow are measured to know the inlet and mass supplied by the facility. The pressure reducer supplies a constant pressure to the downstream components to be independent of possible fluctuations in the hydrogen supply line. The hydrogen is filtered to remove impurities such as small particles.