End of line test cells with

Semi-Automatic Docking System

End of line test cell with Semi-Automatic Docking System

These type of test cells combine the benefits of the both the Manual & Automatic docking system and are the most preferred option by OEM’s who have to test multiple variants in  the same test cell and require short set-up time inside test cells.  The flexibility & quick changeover is achieved by engine specific rigging kits consisting of media connections having engine specific Quick Release Couplings & spine shaft.

Benefits of STS end of line test cells:

  • High reliability of test facility (upto 98 % up-time)
  • High flexibility in test objects (more than 10 engines variants can be tested in the same test cell)
  • Short cycle times for low investments (Rigging time inside test cell can be as low as 60 sec)
  • Reliable results
  • Modular designs enable fast & easy extension to support growing production figures.
  • Components selected are proven in hundreds of applications worldwide.
  • Design expertise based on in-house testing & development activities.
  • Global after sales & service networks for quick support.