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HiL testing: Simulation and Solutions

The increasing powertrain complexity combined with the new requirements defined by evolving emission legislations are intensifying the challenges to be accomplished within the calibration process and consequently are leading to a much higher number of physical tests in different scenarios.

To overcome these challenges, frontloading of development tasks in early phases of the vehicle development and introducing simulation methodologies during the calibration process are required in order to reduce development loops number, accelerate time to market and aim to achieve right-first-time design.

Therefore, we developed dedicated simulation solutions for virtual testing based on modern x-in-the-loop test benches. Our tools are part of a continuous x-in-the-loop process (Diagram 1), ranging from the design stages (purely virtual) to road tests (fully real) and introducing, step by step, the right share of virtualization for every stage of the development process.

Definition and differentiation of the share between real and virtual vehicle components for various XiL test scenarios
hil testing

Our Simulation and HiL solutions feature:

The Virtual Calibration Platform (VCAP): It offers you a unique simulation-based virtual test bed to perform a significant part of your Electronic Control Unit (ECU) calibration on virtual and Hardware in the Loop (HiL) test beds, without the need for an any large scale test bed. Based on years of STS’s modeling and simulation expertise, it provides you with state-of-the-art real time capable and accurate models. In addition, with identical environment to real test benches, your engineers will be directly familiar to this new environment without extensive training hours.

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XiL vehicle simulation platform (xCAR): It offers you a modular, versatile and turnkey platform to perform all vehicle architecture simulation using a simple and user-friendly GUI. With xCAR you can perform desktop-based simulation, but not only, you can connect this same simulation platform to external hardware and perform x-in-the-loop application (engine in the loop, battery in the loop etc.). Being portable, xCAR give you the possibility to extend the testing scope of your test benches with a seamless and cost-effective solution.

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