Advanced Model-basedCalibration



The ASM Box - Motorcycle was developed especially for the needs in two- and three-wheeler industry. Small dimensions and maybe distribution in separate housings are required. The main module provides the possiblity to generate failures for e.g. temperature, dc-motor or binary lambda sensors. Only if misfire generation is required, the high-voltage-housing of the Misfire Module and the special misfire harness has to be connected. This approach reduces the connection effort as well as weight and sizede pending on the application. The system is produced for automotive use. Predefined motorcycle template models are included and with the ASM Box - toolchain the user can open and adjust the provided models. After recompilation in the toolchain the provided or adjusted models can be flashed with the deliverd flash-tool or a calibration tools like e.g. INCA. The Homologation view for misfire generation is included other views are also possible on demand.


  • Misfire patterns according to SAE J2910
  • Analog inputs and outputs for e.g. temperature and pressure sensor signal modulation
  • H-bridge to drive DC motor
  • LS- and HS-switch for actuators like exhaust flap or crank-case ventilation valve
  • Signal modulation for binary lambda sensors
  • CAN message modulation
  • XCP access for comfortable parametrization of failure models