Advanced Model-basedCalibration



The ASM Box - solenoid or piezo is the product with the largest scope of functionality within the ASM Box family. It combines the largest variety of inputs and outputs which can be used to measure and reproduce electrical signals and a fully programmable power amplifier to drive injectors. The amplifier enables to control up to 8 injectors at the same time and thus the complete fuel injection. Various failure cases such as shift of the start of the injection, change the duration or hide one or more injection events are possible. Misfire patterns as required by SAE J2901 are also supported with the provided model. The ASM Box - piezo drives piezo injectors only and ASM Box - solenoid drives solenoid and port fuel injectors.

For example, temperature and pressure sensor signals can be easily changed as well as signal modulation for sensors and driving actuators, which are using PWM signals. Two or more h-bridges allow driving DC-motors like EGR, VGT or air flap at the same time.

With both H-bridges it is possible to drive DC-motors like EGR, VGT or air flap. Dependig of the model complexity it is possible to drive actuators together and depending on sensors inputs as well as closed-loop controled. For example the control VGT and waste gate or a high pressure and low pressure EGR at the same time. The failures are only subject to the complexity of the model. Four CAN busses can be used to control for example the messages of NOx or PM sensors, all other messages are fed through without interfering with other messages. The two SENT busses can be used to change the feedback messages of for example EGR- or Delta-P-sensors. Both Lin busses can be used to modulate for example the engine fan or the air flaps. All inputs and outputs can be combined in complex models to drive several sensors and actuators at the same time and for simulation of very complex failure cases for homologation, production vehicle evaluation and as well for calibration. The ASM Box - breakout box is helpful for easy connection of sensors and/or actuators during develop-ment of complex models at the desk but for in-vehicle use the ASM Box harness is handy due to the size. Of course the customer can generate its own harnesses, because all plugs and sockets are freely available on the market.The ASM Box tool chain allows to change the provided basic template models or to develop own models. Such a model has to be compiled and flashed on the ASM Box using the toolchain or directly from INCA.
The Homologation view allows the control the model beha-vior with an easy-to-use graphical user interface, because the signals and parameters are reduced to the minimum, which results in a self-explaining user interface. This Homologation view is intend to be used within web browser and can be started from any device with can be connected via LAN or WIFi.

The ASM Box - compact is reduced in functionality, size, inputs and outputs to have a cost effective module in case injector amplifier and crank-based functions are not necessary. All ASM Box modules are completely ECU- and engine-independent.


  • Easy realization of complex fuel system failure patterns
  • Turn-off of ignition and injection
  • Convenient handling by versatile break-out box
  • Full flexibility by failure pattern development in MATLAB/Simulink®
  • Includes a base set of failure models
  • XCP access for comfortable parametrization of failure models
  • Control system modulation e.g. SENT, LIN and CAN
  • ECU and combustion system independent