Advanced Model-basedCalibration

Innovative Software Solutions For Model-Based Calibration

TOPEXPERT FEVcal Software - Model-Based Calibration

The complexity of modern control units, the increasing diversity of powertrain applications and the need for shortened development cycles require novel approaches towards calibration. A model-based calibration process aiming at transferring major parts of the calibration work from the vehicle to the calibrator’s desktop is an answer to these contemporary challenges.

FEV’s decades of experience in calibration and especially in the application of a model-based methodology have been incorporated into TOPEXPERT, FEV’s central platform for calibration tools:


FACE - Framework for automated calibration and evaluation
Standardizing calibration procedures through guided desktop calibration


VTA – Vehicle test automator
Empower automation in vehicle calibration

The usage of TOPEXPERT facilitates the optimal planning of measurement campaigns, enables the automatic execution of test maneuvers in the vehicle or at the test bed, provides numerous routines for an efficient data analysis and offers the possibility of an automated data set optimization. With these tools costly engine and vehicle tests can be minimized and several manual iteration loops can be avoided. Tasks that needed several days of testing, data evaluation and verification in the past can now be accomplished within a few hours.

TOPEXPERT is delivered with calibration guidelines, individual training courses, service and maintenance and can be customized to accommodate your requirements. Utilizing TOPEXPERT allows our customers to benefit from the cutting-edge methodology in order to reduce development time and increase calibration quality.

Unique workflow-based user guidance

TOPEXPERT workflow based user guidance


  • Apply advanced model-based calibration approaches
  • Minimize costly engine and vehicle tests
  • Shorten development time
  • Increase calibration quality
  • Standardize calibration procedures

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