The FEVALYS sequencer is a feature that allows the composition of specific workflows. Programming skills are not necessary to be able to use this function.

Configuring your own sequences leads to enormous savings in time and refines the reporting process even more. The FEVALYS Workflow Editor offers direct access to the evaluation settings. All execution contents can be configured directly. Listed formulas can be amended, sequence orders can be set, and output formats can be defined. All background information will be set and stored for quick and customized reporting procedures. 

The FEVALYS Sequence Quick Starter will lead the operator through the evaluation process. The user can define which data are to be loaded and which parameters are to be determined. After checking that all properties are set correctly, the reporting file will be generated.

One-Click Reporting

FEVALYS offers reports based on layout and PowerPoint templates. In addition, users have the option of creating and storing individual design drafts. Calculation templates and predefined formulas guarantee quick data interaction. Direct access to the formula library contributes to FEVALYS’ customizability.

Repeating and standardized tasks are automated, which helps you keep an overview of your data. Important data are available at once, thus links and effects can easily be detected. All you have to do: Select test, add evaluation template, and generate report.


  • Configurable without programming skills
  • Considerable savings in time
  • Easy to handle
  • Complete and consistent data
  • Optimized workflows

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