Manage all test cell data from a web browser

FLEX Lab™ is a web based technology solution to manage all test cell data. Easy rollout and cross-platform system, it requires only a modern web browser.

FLEX Lab™ System provides a proven and an open solution for data storage and retrieval, test system utilization tracking, and live monitoring of any system through configurable data schema and dashboards, also, data from every test cell is stored in one central location.

With FLEX Lab system, and from anywhere:

  • The test engineer can define preparation tasks, test requests and have quick and secure access through extensive search capabilities to measurement data.
  • The administrator manages test cell data from a single location: Norm-Name, formula, librairies, unit under test specifications and parameters, testing equipments...
  • Support personal can have access to test cell statuses and all logs and data to troubleshoot issues.
  • Managers can have access to lab operations status and extract all metrics regarding lab efficiency.

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