Reliable and complete data providing the latest information is the basic element of all business processes. Minimal labor requirements are as important as maximum data insight. Both manual and automatic data entries should be accessible quickly, easily and safely. A full package combining data import, data control and data analysis—wishful thinking? Not anymore…

FEVFLEX is modular information management software that manages ALL data. Along with FEVALYS, the analysis software, it is possible to analyze and present data in almost no time at all.

Modular-based High Performance

Based on its intuitive operating concept, easily accessible upgrade functions, SCRUM agile development and individually combinable modules, FEVFLEX will win you over with its power and simplicity.

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The Highlights of FEVFLEX

  • Flexible and customizable data model
  • Easy-to-use concept
  • Individual combination of modules
  • Updates during live operation and without software
  • Integrable benchmarking

Tailor-made Data Analysis

FEVALYS represents a quick and easy manual and automated reporting system. Custom, pre-generated templates for calculations and layout offer fast data analysis and presentation.

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The Highlights of FEVALYS

  • Standard and custom configurable reports
  • Simultaneous analysis of multiple measurements
  • Custom writable formulas and functions
  • Evaluation of certified emission cycles
  • Consideration of all meta-information and measurement data

System Requirements

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License model

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