xCAL-KG - Model Based Calibration Software

xCAL-KG is well adapted to speed up CAE based optimizations,reducing the number of needed simulations to find an optimized solution.

Originally designed to share the calibration knowledge intoa unique and easy-to-use tool, it is today a state of the art model based calibration software which assists the engine engineers during every step of a calibration project requiring advanced methods such as design of experiments, modeling and optimization.

With xCAL-KG, the overall calibration process duration is reduced and allows your company to reach a new step in term of fuel consumption, NVH and emissions reduction.

Furthermore the CAE process is significantly improved by considerable reduction of simulation effort.


  • Structuring: the workflow leads the work according to the calibration process
  • Flexible: multiple calibration approaches inside including cycle prediction capabilities
  • Integrated: gather all important data and save results generated within the project
  • User-friendly: data oriented interface providing guidance to the calibration engineer
  • Advanced: providing innovative algorithms such as fast high accuracy modeling and optimization
  • Independent: no need of third party application or toolbox
  • Open: the generated DoE-models can be reused in other applications like Simulink/Excel or in real time in MORPHEE Automation System


  • Wide range of applications: Diesel and gasoline engine calibration as well as gear box calibration and simulation.
  • Automatic test plan generation, possibility to design domain from measured boundaries.
  • Ready-to-use optimized calibration maps.
  • Engine out emissions optimization taking into account aftertreatment efficiency and tail pipe emissions targets. 



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