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Battery test bench

From durability to research

FEV has created a multi-stage battery test bench solution. It takes into account the need for benches to develop from endurance tests to research tests. As it is an open and scalable solution, it can be adapted to all bench equipment, present and future: Power drives, climatic chambers, cooling systems, etc. Its flexibility and performance allow it to change with future methodologies: More complex testing procedures, robust databases, integration of models in real time on the bench, etc.

These solutions have been implemented at eDLP, the new FEV battery test center: take a look on the world leading battery test center.

The battery tests are performed either on a complete battery — called a pack — or on one or more cells that make up the battery. To optimize the cost of tuning the battery, it is better to work on the cell than on the pack. Simulating and integrating models therefore allows the cell’s full environment to be considered. 

FEV also offers  abuse testing facilities:  short-circuit tests, simulation of internal cell errors, acceleration and impact tests in the event of a crash under extreme situations.


  • UUT = Battery cell, module or pack
  • Low, medium and high voltage application
  • From cell voltage (Li-ion) = approx. 3.6 V
  • Up to traction battery with 600 V, 800 V or more
  • DC current up to 1000 A and more
  • Highly automated process with MORPHEE® and FEVFLEX
  • Battery management system BMS
  • Safety interlock
  • Special Contract Adaptation
  • Abuse tests also available (short-circuit tests, crash tests…)


  • One-shop supplier, from hardware to software
  • Solutions based on robust and validated products
  • Flexibility and scalability of MORPHEE® : A test bed that follows changes in technologies
  • Complete or partial simulation (SOC, temp, RLS, Matlab simulink): Reduce development costs

FEV Solution

Figure 1

On the figure 1 you can find the flexible solution by FEV STS. MORPHEE® controls all chambers and distributes the power. FLEX is managing the entire system which monitoring results and allows you to launch tests remotely from a PC or a tablet: it is a web-based application so no need to install a software.


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