Test bed for hybrid powertrain and e-motor testing

Proven test bed, advanced software

E-motor testing and hybrid powertrain test bed

Take a dynamic engine test bed. Control it with the FEV MORPHEE automation system. Prepare models of the hybrid drive chains: Electric engine, battery, gearbox, energy management, etc. Integrate them in MORPHEE and execute your simulation in real time on your engine testing test bed: You now have a veritable hybrid vehicle (simulated) on your test bed.

Since the whole thing can be run through a Euro 6-7 standardized cycle, it is then possible to easily carry out a certification test, without a prototype or a real vehicle.

For the development of future vehicles, it enables rapid evaluation of various hybrid architectures. It is possible to integrate new models and changing parameters, such as the engine power or the vehicle mass, etc., all of which are operations that are impossible to achieve with such flexibility with a prototype or even a powertrain test bed.


  • Dynamic e-motor testing / hybrid powertrain test bed with MORPHEE
  • Models of the hybrid drive chains prepared: Electric engine, battery, gearbox, energy management, etc.
  • Various hybrid architectures evaluated


  • Eliminate technical risks at an early stage of project development.
  • Reduce the number of unknowns and parameters difficult to control in a fully simulated environment.
  • In comparison with a purely simulated system, obtain pollutant emissions measurements instantaneously and with great accuracy, all the while controlling the combustion engine conditions.
  • Test strategies for energy management and evaluate their feasibility with engine control.
  • Make communication transparent between your teams by using a unique development platform.




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