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Support and after sales

World Wide Service

Objective of our Customer Support team is to strengthen and maintain relationship to become a natural partner for our world wide customers. For this we provide local services in our subsidiaries.

Providing Solutions - Maintaining Test Fields

Your Benefits

Service Agreement

  • Smooth operation of the test systems through support provision
  • Reductions in time expenditures and costs for non-operation periods
  • Warranted short reaction times
  • VIP Status
  • Paying investment because of special terms and conditions
  • Call order budget ensures easy accounting but only performed services have to be paid

Maintenance Contract

  • Planable and predictable maintenance activities performed by skilled personnel of original supplier
  • Preparation of state-of-the-art maintenance work scope and schedule according to your individual requirements
  • Paying investment to extend the lifetime of your test systems

Region America North and South

Phone: +1-866-FEV-9990

Region Europe North

Phone: +49-241-5689-144

Region Europe South

Phone: +33-(0)130-130-719