Embedded SystemsDevelopment


FEV uses Model-Based Software Engineering to realize application layer software for automotive control units and non-automotive control software. To enable frontloading, easy iterations and agile concepts, automation is key, so FEV’s approach is an integrated but yet modular tool chain which is also flexible to be tailored to customer needs. Experience with a sustainable introduction of model-based software development and consulting to raise efficiency by establishing a state-of-the-art SW development process are also available to customers.

  • Simulation and Rapid Control Prototyping
  • Enrichment of the controller model to allow for generation of efficient and lean code for embedded systems
  • Autocoding using major production code generators
  • FEV block library proven in many series production projects
  • Documentation generation directly from simulation/controller model
  • Bidirectional traceability of requirements to models and code
  • Unit testing framework and continuous integration
  • FEV tools  are also being made available under commercial licenses for customer use