Watch the trailer for the MORPHEE Advanced Training (English session) - Trainer Adrian MIHALCIOIU

You can also watch the trailer for the MORPHEE Advanced Training (French session) - Trainer Hervé BROOKE

Training offer

Product Training (Mostly Standard) Software product based Different levels: Basic, Advanced, Expert, Customised
Skill Training (Designed upon request) FEV has built an exhaustive list of competencies to help design on measure training needs CAN, ETHERCAT, MCD3, PID Tuning, Gaz Analyzer, Powermeter, model integration...
Solutions (Designed upon request) Know how on different test cell product (Engine, Battery, E-Axle...) How to base training plan (how to start UUT? How to handle safety, measurement and acquisition, Calibration and maintenance?)


- Face to Face at FEV or Clients premises

- Virtual training using our digital solutions to support clients.

- E-learning to provide a self-paced training.

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