xCAL - FEV Calibration knowledgeIn an easy-to-use tool

DoE Software with global map optimization

Gaussian process model

xCAL™ is a model-based calibration software that integrates the calibration knowledge of FEV into an easy-to-use tool. It makes the powerful DoE technique easily applicable and addresses the particular challenges of automotive development that require tailored adaptations of the generic DoE methodology. Special emphasis was placed on developing highly reliable and rapid modeling algorithms which are unique on the market. Today’s state-of-the-art global modeling techniques based on Gaussian Processes have also been adapted to address the specific characteristics of engine and powertrain modeling. This approach, combined with intuitive visualization and user guidance, enables engineers to quickly investigate and optimize the engine‘s behavior, for example.

Additionally, xCAL Online enables online DoE to be efficiently monitored at the test bed, evaluates model quality, and finds optima parameters for a target, validating the optimum with no waiting time. Its active DoE technics enables the modeling in parallel of the test measurement process. The active DoE, as well as the screening capabilities avoiding to cross any limits, decreases the test duration by a 50% while optimizing the quality of the model generated.

>> Innovative DoE methods in combination with unique visualization options and intuitive user guidance. <<


xCAL Solutions

  • Model-based calibration is mandatory with regards to the complexity of development tasks (Optimization, virtual calibration)
    • State-of-the-art GP model with best-in-class Advanced GP Modeling.
    • Integrated map optimizer with possibility to implement global or cycle optimization.
  • Complex design space
    • Online DoE algorithms ensure the respect of any limits with screening approaches
    • Large choice of constraints, including convex hull gives the possibility to measure any design space
    • The upcoming limit prediction feature will be able to model any domain even the most complex thanks to the Gaussian Model*
  • Optimization of test time duration
    • Online DoE techniques such as Active DoE and Online modeling or optimizing helps decreasing drastically the test time, while optimizing the modeling quality
    • The upcoming model-based design space definition will bring the efficiency of operation to the superior level thanks to the adaptive DoE feature*
  • Model-based optimization
    • Optimization algorithms able to perform either local, global or cycle-based optimization (multi cycle also)
    • Large field of application, such as powertrain, conventional engine, eDrives
  • High expertise required to run the DoE process
    • The unique workflow approach of xCAL offers high efficiency in term of user guidance. Every action enables the next action required such that any junior user can easily go through all the process.



  • SIGNIFICANT Reduction in testing/simulation effort
  • Reliable prediction of complex behavior from local and global data-driven models


>> xCAL

  • State-of-the-art: best in class algorithms and models (FEV patented Advanced Gaussian Process model)
  • Structured:the workflow leads the work according to the calibration process
  • Flexible:multiple calibration approaches available including cycle prediction capabilities
  • User-friendly:workflow based interface providing help to the calibration engineer
  • Advanced:providing best-in-class algorithms for fast and high accuracy modeling and optimization
  • Independent:operating efficiently all data and all results generated within the project
  • Powerfull:possibility to optimize calibrations for multiples criteria and driving cycles
  • Open:possibility to reuse the models and optimization results in other applications like Excel, Matlab or INCA

>> xCAL Online

  • Cost effective : xCAL Online allows to save test bed time and engineering hours
  • Integrated : uses MORPHEE® and already existing connection to ECU, indicating system and others devices
  • Simple : only need the AuSy PC at the test bed
  • Safe : investigate safely combustion settings possibilities in engine physical domain
  • Precise : model online, validate online directly in the process
  • Efficient : stop measurement process when enough measurement for a good modelling precision
  • Flexible : can execute any user-defined test plan within engine limits ( e.g. Global DoE test plan...)

And also:

  • Free update during the warranty year
  • Free hotline access during the warranty year
  • Free blocking bugs correction