Test system Automation, simulation & calibration

Based on a “all-in-one” system, numerous configurations are possible depending on the customer’s individual testing environment. As a result, it is possible to combine these three functionalities on a single platform which is installed for an engine test bench — or the three can be operated separately, using third-party tools.
For example, in a calibration configuration, the MORPHEE calibration platform usually operates with third-party automation tools.

The new 64-bit version (second part of 2016) is in line with all new operating systems and boasts outstanding performance with 5 mega samples/sec, e.g. 2500 channels at 2 kHz.

It offers the opportunity to develop new automation concepts for future test beds while taking current and upcoming emission and testing standards such as Euro 7, RDE, etc. into consideration. Furthermore, it is a powerful tool for new powertrain calibration methodologies, such as Road to Rig. Relying on its established qualities of openness and performance, MORPHEE extends its functionalities to allow the use of the same interfaces, the same models and the same tools throughout the entire development process. As a result, the new MORPHEE generation will become a unique platform for validation, combining the three functionalities of test automation, on-line calibration operations at the test bed and real-time simulation.


  • A large user community: 3500 licenses installed since 1991, 12,000 users and 15 million test bed running hours per year
  • Performant: 5 mega samples per second
  • Centralized: All measurements are synchronized (between each other) on a unique computer
  • Versatile: Management of all types of test cells from component testing to chassis dynos
  • Open: Scalable and compliant to standard interfaces of the market
  • Reliable: Your test cells are controlled safely 24 hours a day
  • Sustainable: MORPHEE 1, MORPHEE 2, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows 7… but your test procedures keep working...