End of line testing

Automatically qualified

End of line test cell with Semi-Automatic Docking System
end of line testing

Quality assurance and control in engine and component production put high demands on the respective end-of-line testing facilities. High reliability and repeatability, a high automatization degree of mechanical processes and the test run itself, automatic docking, filling and draining of the test object and the suitable control and data management system are characteristics of production hot test facilities provided by STS.

We cover a wide range of applications starting from small gasoline to large heavy duty engines and provide different kinds of handling equipment, from a largely manual operation to fully automatic conveyor and distribution systems.

Common to all applications are our components proven in hundreds of applications all around the world, our design expertise which allows flexible adaptation to the individual project and test object needs, and our global after sales and service network.

The test cells are customized based on the individual project & test object needs and are broadly classified in:

Characteristics of our end of line test cell

  • Low to High Automation Grade
  • Short set-up time
  • Modular design
  • Safe investment
  • High flexibility
  • High throughput

Benefits of our end of line test cell

  • High reliability of the end-of-line testing facility (up to 98 % up-time)
  • Short cycle times for low investments
  • Suitable degree of automation
  • Reliable results
  • Flexibility in adaptation to different engine types
  • Fast and easy extension with growing production figures

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