Combustion Analysis System

Fast Data Acquisition

Quick to install and easy to use, it covers all the needs of engine engineers for efuels, dihydrogen, diesel, fuel, gasoline,  gas; during every step of a powertrain development.

OSIRIS is Turnkey’s fast acquisition system. Originally designed to sample data at each engine revolution crank angle, it can also work as a time-based oscilloscope.


  • Includes flywheel pickup converter (no need of encoder)
  • Works at high frequency (up to 1MHz ; 0.1° / 1600 rpm)
  • Adapts perfectly to all types of fuel
  • The performance at best quality/ cost ratio
  • Combustion analysis in a test cell or on-board a vehicle.
  • About 600 installed systems since 1995.


  • Modular and compact system
  • Crank angle based, time based, both crank angle and time based acquisition
  • Signal conditioning close to the engine
  • Monitoring of all calculation types E.g.: Knock, Pmax, IMEP, CA50
  • Embedded electronic encoder (FFR-M)
  • Compatible with the main angular encoders on the market
  • Interface with most of the commonly used charge amplifiers
  • Provides standard, editable file formats (ASCII, IFILE)
  • Compatible with main data acquisition & control systems
  • Simulation mode free of charge, with full options… 


  • Adapted to all types of vehicles from passenger cars to offroad vehicles.
  • Design to be used in test bench & in-vehicle
  • Manage safeties upon abnormal combustion E.g.: Misfire, Pmax level, Knock
  • Use as an oscilloscope
  • Manage cold start measurement
  • Analyse injection system using both crank angle & time based acquisition