STS vibration monitoring for detection and prevention

STS VibeRate IP65 is a cost effective, highly flexible vibration monitoring system. A field tested and proven system, VibeRate IP65 can be implemented in any application where precision monitoring of vibration is required including dynamometer maintenance testing, fault, and failure monitoring, driveshaft and drivelineimbalance or failures, engine operation and misoperation monitoring and many more. The system comes configured with one to four channels in an IP65 enclosure.

VibeRate IP65 is capable of operating in remote, unattended, and harsh environments. Simple to install and operate, it can trigger built-in relay based on alarm levels. Smart time delay functionality prevents false trips or triggering of the alarm functions due to transient increases in vibration level during normal operation.


The VibeRate IP65 vibration monitoring system provides early warning detection to minimize damage to expensive test articles and equipment as well as costly test cell downtime.

  • High measuring accuracy
  • Programmable shutdown limit
  • Fast response time, suitable for high dynamic test cycles
  • Discrete interface gives universal compatibility with data aquistion and automation systems
  • EtherCAT permits additional control and data
  • SCALE component for Morphee assures seamless integration
  • Longterm stability and reliability
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to install
  • Close to the measurement location, reduced EMI susceptibility


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