Embedded SystemsDevelopment


Demanding emission legislation, shortage on fossil burnings as well as individual customer requests at short development cycles lead to highly complex modern powertrains. It is a special challenge to ensure a high level of SW quality for the resulting complex control SW.
Proper software architecture is the key factor to ensure quality during the specification and design, i.e. to prevent errors before they can be made. Thus, FEV has developed “PERSIST” - a Powertrain control architecture Enabling Reusable Software development for Intelligent System Tailoring adding significant benefit to embedded SW development:

  • Reuse: stable software component interfaces enable synergies between projects
  • Consistency: same design principles are applied to all projects
  • Compliance: all relevant automotive SW standards (e.g. AUTOSAR, ISO26262) are considered
  • Efficiency: one consistent structure enables a high degree of toolchain automation

This concept is applied to any powertrain control SW project conducted by FEV, adding value to our customers who benefit from FEV’s preserved software experience.