X-in-the-LoopVehicle Simulation

FEV STS X-in-the-Loop

FEV STS X-in-the-Loop vehicle simulation for virtual calibration

The xCAR XiL application offers a model structure describing the entire vehicle for any type of powertrain, with e.g. an engine block, a battery block, an electrical block, a vehicle block, a transmission block, an energy management system block and a driver block. The interface has been created to be used not only by simulation specialists but also by calibration engineers and test bench operators. In this user-friendly interface, the needed architecture can be easily selected – combustion engine, hybrid or electric motor. It enables an online modification of the parameters for each component (gearbox, brakes, wheels, vehicle etc.) as well as importing customized RDE cycles.

Videos and replays

Find our webinar on X in the Loop solution presented by Walid EL SAOUDI our Test Cell Product Manager.

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