Test and Instrumations Systems
highly automatedquality assurance


Continuous Integration

In the light of high quality standards – especially for safety-critical systems – quality assurance must be highly automated to respond to cost and development time constraints. Hence, FEV integrates software quality assurance methods in a Continuous Integration framework.
The core strategy is to automate any test and perform it at least every night for each software model. This includes static tests (guideline checking, metric evaluation) as well as dynamic verification and validation (unit testing and simulation in Model-in-the-Loop, Software-in-the-Loop and Processor-in-the-Loop mode). Additionally, a complete software build including code generation and compilation is performed and SW documentation is generated, complementing a complete release package.
This generates three core benefits:

  • Cost reduction: recurrent tasks do no increase the manual work load
  • Risk reduction: critical software defects are detected early
  • Quality increase: developers benefit from a comprehensive up-to-date quality assessment