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Tailored software solutions for custom calibration processes

TOPEXPERT Scrum Development

We offer our software development services to optimally design tool solutions according to your needs and processes for data analysis and calibration. STS’s experts support you along the complete development process. Starting with a thorough analysis of your current situation, our engineers derive concepts for optimized processes and tool chains. This is complemented by the design, implementation, and testing of the required software. The elaboration of roll-out and training strategies as well as long-term support and maintenance of the tool solutions complete our services.

Our software development services combine STS’s broad technical and mathematical expertise with excellence in software engineering for optimal technical software solutions. Efficient and high quality software development is guaranteed by STS’s certified processes according to CMMI and an advanced Application Lifecycle Management tool chain. Agile development principles based on SCRUM ensure a close interaction with the user community which to STS’s belief is the key for successful software tools.


  • Tailor-made software tools for desktop and mobile devices
  • Support during the complete development process including:
    • Analysis of status quo
    • Concepts for optimized processes and tool chains
    • Design, implementation, and testing of software
  • Roll-out and training strategies
  • Long-term support and maintenance of software solutions

Customer Service

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