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Manage all test cell data from a web browser

FLEX-LAB™ is a web based technology solution to manage all test cell data. Easy rollout and cross-platform system, it requires only a modern web browser.

FLEX-LAB™ System provides a proven and an open solution for data storage and retrieval, test system utilization tracking, and live monitoring of any system through configurable data schema and dashboards, also, data from every test cell is stored in one central location.

With FLEX-LAB™ system, and from anywhere:

  • The test engineer can define preparation tasks, test requests and have quick and secure access through extensive search capabilities to measurement data.
  • The administrator manages test cell data from a single location: Norm-Name, formula, librairies, unit under test specifications and parameters, testing equipments...
  • Support personal can have access to test cell statuses and all logs and data to troubleshoot issues.
  • Managers can have access to lab operations status and extract all metrics regarding lab efficiency.

Test Field Management 4.0

FLEX-LAB™ is an information management software solution that offers much more than just the combination and administration of data. Our test field data management solution has been especially developed for high-level needs in dynamic fields and will help you to make the most effective decisions.

Manual and automatic data from measurements, activities or events are collected, compiled and can be easily compared in one software application.

Areas of application


FLEX-LAB™ consists of individual modules which can be easily customized and combined to meet your exact needs. Tasks and procedures, devices and media, test objects and test benches, measurement data and test projects — get the data you want quickly, thoroughly and consistently to manage your desired element.


Higher productivity—of technology and people—is the key to economic power. FLEX-LAB™ is a program that is easy to operate. Fast learning times and intuitive navigation allow you to be familiar with all key functions very fast. In addition, we offer outstanding technology as a full package for info management that is unique on the market.

  • Web-based application
  • Provision of FLEX-LAB™ Host infrastructure
  • Integration of FLEX-LAB™ to Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL databases
  • Import Wizard, which allows mass import of data for advanced users or administrators
  • CSV / Excel Export: table views as direct export to CSV
  • Full-text search for entire data content with any search term
  • Tables to create own views of all entries in the database
  • Bookmarking for saving and sharing individual views
  • Versioning
  • Multi-client capability: data visibility can be monitored based on projects with overlapping data (different vehicles share the same engine...)
  • Action based access with user rights according to action and project-active directory based on user sessions; supports single sign on
  • Flexible Reporting with a fully configurable interface to FEVALYS, supportsing different types of data export, custom templates, scripting for advanced users
  • Attachments management
  • Intuitive user interface

High performance

FLEX-LAB™ is a web-based solution which only needs limited storage space. It delivers the data you need quickly and reliably. Maintenance is reduced to a minimum, since the dynamic data model is changeable and extendable—even during live operation.


  • Powerful performance
  • Modules can be combined individually for a maximum of flexibility
  • Dynamic data model
  • Fast dive-in and easy navigation
  • Low maintenance through intelligent deployment management
  • All data in one place by FEVMOVE technology
  • Individual security and language standards
  • 12 months service contract including helpdesk & support

The Data Management process is complete if you can evaluate these data. Thanks to UNIPLOT™ you can visualize and analyze 2D and 3D data.


Replay available

Find our webinar on data management system presented by Matthias Krause our Product Group Leader: At the Heart of a Test Center


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