EMOTOR CHARACTERIZATIONHigh speed emotor test bench


Test Bench

Electric motor testing aims to characterize the Emotor and the inverter, in the upstream steps of development. This requires to be as close as possible from the real conditions, such as the climatic ones – in that case, a climatic chamber is used – or the driving in itself – models simulating the driver, the road…. The key factor considering this type of test bed is its ability to test at very high speeds and highly dynamically. Vibrations are to be considered. FEV designs and industrialize Emotor test bench. FEV dynamometers and FEV conditioning systems are part of the solution, as well as tailor-made solutions for customer-specific requirements. The MORPHEE® automation system offers a high degree of flexibility and simple configuration for various test beds types. FEV has built Emotor test bench solutions that enable rotational speeds of 24,000 rpm and above.


  • MORPHEE® for E-Mobility (Automation, Simulation & Calibration)
  • Preferred models for electric drive chains
  • Various architectures evaluated
  • EtherCAT
  • eCoolCon for Water and oil conditioning with 1 to 3 circuits, with automatic fill and drain
  • OSIRIS® Powermeter
  • Battery Simulator

Find our webinar on E-Drive solutions presented by Joachim STRAUCH our Test Cell Product Manager: E-Drive Test Beds from FEV


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